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About RJS Stone

RJS Stone curates an exquisite selection of the finest natural stones, dedicated to elevating the aesthetic and atmosphere of residential and commercial spaces. Each product is chosen with the utmost care and an eye for lasting quality, ensuring that your choice remains timeless. Committed to ethical practices, our stone collection is sourced responsibly and verified by independent audits, upholding our parent company JSD Stone’s membership in the esteemed noble trading initiative. Catering to the demands of the market, RJS Stone excels in producing a versatile range of stone slabs, blocks, tiles, and mosaics in various specifications. As JSD Stone’s direct international branch, we bring unparalleled confidence to the table, exclusively utilising our premium-grade products in world-class projects.

Parent Company

JSD Stone

Since 1992, our parent company, JSD Stone, has established itself as a leader in the natural stone industry, specialising in the quarrying of marble, and the manufacturing of marble tiles and related accessories. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, JSD Stone has strategically developed six major natural marble quarries. These operations embrace advanced scientific methods to extract marble blocks efficiently, allowing for a substantial yield exceeding 100,000 cubic metres, ensuring a consistent and robust supply chain.

JSD Stone’s portfolio includes a diverse range of high-quality marbles, gemstone-grade products, and artisanal crafts. Our products have a strong presence in global markets, being exported primarily to Western Europe, North America, the Middle East, and East Asia. Renowned for our quality and craftsmanship, JSD Stone’s offerings are highly regarded and sought after by designers, builders, and developers worldwide.

Our Passion


Our quarries yield premium materials that are expertly crafted in our factories. This integration ensures unmatched flexibility and bespoke customization options tailored to each client’s vision.​


Our sourcing extends beyond our own quarries to offer a diverse palette of colors and materials, enabling clients to find the perfect match for their unique projects.

Quality Control

Our rigorous quality control network spans Asia and Australia, guaranteeing every product is meticulously inspected to meet our high standards before it arrives at your doorstep.

Our Services


Our craftsmanship in residential stone work encompasses the creation and installation of elegant kitchen benchtops, splashbacks, and bathroom vanities. We expertly handle marble flooring, wall cladding, staircases, and fireplace surrounds. Our alfresco solutions include BBQ counter tops, and our bespoke service offers personalised designs for dining tables, hallstands, and custom interior accents.

Restoration & Maintenance

We offer a comprehensive suite of restoration and maintenance services, catering to the needs of residential, commercial, and heritage properties. Utilising premium Aqua Mix products, we ensure your stone surfaces are impeccably maintained and preserved.


Our services extend to the commercial sector, where we collaborate with builders, developers, architects, and designers to deliver superior quality stone constructions. We are adept at fulfilling the bespoke needs of commercial projects, ensuring excellence in every build.

Product Range

Marble remains one of the world's most esteemed materials, revered for its elegance and enduring beauty. Utilised across homes, businesses, and cultural landmarks, it brings a touch of sophistication to any setting. From bathroom vanities to kitchen counters, living area floors to ornate staircases, marble's versatility shines. The distinctive appearance of our marble tiles varies with each cut, highlighting the unique character of every piece. Our selection embodies the perfect blend of functionality and luxury, suitable for a diverse array of applications and design aesthetics.

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